Shashank @CMRIT


Am telling about an awsome event that happened at CMRIT on 1st September, 2017.
Shashank had come to give an insight FOSS on the occasion of an Arduino Workshop that was hosted in association with FSMK,and nearly 150 people attended it.
The session was very interactive and can say definately many had an awesome experience.
With various examples shashank explained about the qualities of free software, over proprietor softwares.

And we will be having many events on from GLUG at CMRIT.
Will be updating the work. :v:Uploading… Uploading…


This is amazing news @PranaV Thanks for sharing it with us. :slight_smile:

I live near CMRIT and if there’s any help you need for sessions in the future, don’t hesitate to ping me.


Thanks for your support abhiram,
It will be great if I get your Riot ID,
I will be definately in touch with you, and we need your support, as the GLUG has just been revived at college :v:


Great, if you’re from CMRIT surely you should make it to the Web VR workshop which is about to happen next Sunday.