Requesting A Resource Person For Java Workshop In PACE, Mangalore


Glug Pace Is Planning On Conducting A 3 Day Workshop This April Most Probably From 9th to 11th. The Students Wanted It To Be Conducted For Java As They Are Not Able To Understand Whats Been Taught In Class Any Help Would Be Much Appreciated.


Can you please tell us how many people will be attending?
What is their knowledge of Java? Are they beginners, intermediate or advanced?
Which year of engineering students are we talking about?

Are we talking about simply covering the concepts of Java or do we want to do a project in the three days?



No. Of Participants 40 to 50 max not confirmed, beginners level and only the basic concepts majority will be from the 2nd years n few 3rd years mostly.


Okay, we will update you within 3 days.