[Report] GLUG MVIT activities Aug '19


In the past year, we have been busy revamping the structure of GLUG MVIT and we’re happy to report the results. We’ve been able to successfully conduct multiple workshops and hackathons in the past year. Details: https://blog.glugmvit.com/category/events/

We’ve been actively maintaining our blog and have started taking registrations on our own website instead of relying on Google Forms.

We’ve also recently launched the website for our college literary club LEO: https://leomvit.com/

All of these websites are made by our students and are open source. We’ve also been actively volunteering with the Mozilla Reps community for the past year for both on-campus and community initiatives.

The club is currently being led by me, taking lead after Abhijit Singh Rathore in 2018. We’ll try to be active on the FSMK Discuss forum from here on. I’ve assigned @reocoder as the point of contact for our club who’ll be reporting our activities.

We’d love the community’s feedback on our work and suggestions on how can we as a club get involved with the FSMK community and activities.