[Report] Activities by FSMK Jan-Oct 2015


Report of activities of FSMK
Date: 2015-11-07
Please add any points that may have been missed out

To ensure that our organisation remains vibrant we have replaced our inactive representative with active members. This is also reflected in the FSMI EC and GC.

Since the last FSMI EC meeting the following are the activities that have been conducted:

  1. Regular Sunday school activities which are technically oriented
  2. In July 2015, a seven day summer camp was organised in association with Reva University
  3. Organised a walkathon in Bangalore to support net neutrality(NN). FSMK members from various GLUGs organised several activities such as making videos supporting NN, online campaigns, campaign in college campuses. Was the technology partner at Consilience 2015 - a conference on net
    neutrality organized by the Law and Technology Society at the National Law School of India
    University(NLSIU), Bangalore.
  4. Taken up the #mapyourwaste OSM activity on a priority basis
  5. Vikram Vincent represented FSMK at Asia Legal Network (ALN) Round Table on "Driving Innovation and Scalability with Free and Open Source Software on August 12, 2015 in Bangalore where Eben Moglen was a key speaker
  6. Organised talk by Eben Moglen in association with Christ University, Bangalore on 14 August 2015 on “Digital surveillance, privacy and net neutrality in India - a global perspective”
  7. Vikram Vincent represented FSMK at the round-table on “FOSS for Public Use:Free and Open Source Software for Digital India” organised by SFLC on May 29, 2015 at New Delhi
  8. Organised a fund collection towards Nepal earthquake relief


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