Random Hacks of Kindness Bangalore


Random Hacks of Kindness is a global and local effort to build solutions to civic issues. It is a 2 day events which brings together non profits , civic bodies and technologist together under a single roof to solve immenent or long standing issues of their respective communities.

RSVP Here : https://www.krispypapad.com/rhok

Problem Statements :

  1. Accessible public transport to enable visually impaired person to identify bus stops. (Chechire homes)

  2. Early warning system for earthquakes and other natural calamities (Opencube Labs)

  3. Carbon foot prints reduction by effective usage fertilizers and pesticides in agriculture sector. (World Merit India & Opencube Labs)

  4. High need for water saving in agriculture sector. (World Merit India)

  5. Open mapping of trees in city. (Gubbi Labs)