Python Month - Coming soon!



Recently got an email from one of the volunteer/secretary at PSSI regarding Python Month. They want Aug 10 - Sep 10 to be the Python Month.

They want to reach out to multiple colleges and conduct workshops for free.

If anyone is interested, please do reply on this thread or drop an email to ( We can contact them regarding the same.



We had a good response from the backend track this year in the camp. Can we ask all the participants to give Python related talks in their colleges ?


Talks during GLUG sessions seem okay to me… but workshops for an entire… might be too much. I am not sure. Depends on their confidence.


Not for the entire month. Lets keep it simple. Every place that visited us this year camp, we should try to make sure, atleast one Python event happens in that place in the month. Quite possible. We will visit them, but wont be the speakers, and lets be helpers. In a way this paves way for a lot of things.

  1. We get more speakers for FSMK
  2. We have a bigger possibility of a FOSS club in the place of the event
  3. We have a ability to interact with some of the colleges and people out there, which could lead to a bigger possibility of an educational institution moving towards FOSS.
  4. People want a platform, we are now having the ability to give them a platform.

From my observation, we have a good number of participants from, Chikmangaluru, Hassan, Tumkur, and Bangalore.
Lets say, every weekend of the Python month, lets host a Python based even in each of these places.
Trust me, the backend team is quite strong, and they are more than capable of doing it. All they need is a little push, and I am pretty sure, FSMK can make up for that.

Its a little work, but with a larger value.


I don’t disagree at all. PSSI is providing the speakers for Python Month and we are just helping them find colleges to do the workshop. This was like what happened earlier this year? The one in which you went to SVIT with another speaker and with volunteers from FSMK? Same process.

It pretty much involves whatever you are saying. :sweat_smile: