"Project ideas" category


Perhaps, it would be a good idea to have a separate category in this forum for project ideas?

Often, people who have ideas do not have the time or expertise to implement it. And, people who are out looking for project ideas (say, students looking for academic projects, or just hackers who enjoy programming) to implement do not have a clear picture of what would be useful.

In any case, project ideas would help people take inspiration from others’ ideas and develop and work on (hopefully) better ideas of their own.


IMO I think that we can use the ‘projects’ category to serve our needs at present. From the current discussions in the two posts tagged as ‘Projects’, I see that the ideas are being refined from some prototype or problem statement so feel that we can use this tag at present. If in the future, the divergence is large then we can re-tag the posts as needed.


Sure! That sounds fair enough.