Privacy, oh privacy!


There has been a lot of discussion on privacy policies. Through out the world and in our group of 200 on telegram. It’s most beneficial if all of it was in one place. To understand things better - it is highly recommended that one ask questions about privacy policies.

It would be good if you post links to questions that have already been asked and answered. Would save much time.

Let the games begin!


Spongebob had shared the link on the discuss group. (Telegram)

Thought it would be better here.


Here are few other links regarding privacy that was shared on the telegram group. Would be much easier for people who want to the issues if the links were here. And hence:

  1. Indian Supreme court on Privacy -

  2. Why privacy matters even if you have nothing to hide -

  3. Hello Data! -

  4. British Spying on everyone-

  5. Lenovo collecting data on thinkpad, thinkcentre and thinkstation -

  6. The famous “draft” encryption policy by the current govt -

  1. Kicking google out of my life Day 1 -

  2. 4 free tools for privacy on the net -

  3. India’s government censorship -

  4. Apple can track even after your battery dies -

  5. There’s no delete button on the internet -

  6. How you phone tracks your every move -

  7. Facebook cancels Indian-American’s internship after he exposed security flaw -

  8. Even when you turn on Win 10’s “privacy” flags, it still spies on you -

  9. Microsoft’s new small print - how your personal data is (ab)used -

  10. NSA can hack any computer with just a few ‘mouse clicks’ -

  11. Indian government snooping on citizens -

If I have missed any, please add more!


A new article on how Privacy in actuality does not exist -