Presentation material from July 28th, 2017


Hi, here’s the presentation with links to some open source projects mentioned during the talk. I am heavily involved with two of them - Apache Mynewt and MCUBoot. Apache Mynewt is a pretty neat OS supported on many platforms (all 32-bit MCUs) with various network stacks and device management protocol stacks. And we welcome developers at any level! I am also partially involved in the Zephyr Project (another RTOS).

Feel free to send me any questions you may have.

Aditi Hilbert


Looks like the whole doc did not upload. Well, here are the links:


• OpenWrt (
• OpenEmbedded (


• Apache Mynewt (
• MCUBoot (


Also check out: subreddit /r/somethingimade


Thanks a lot Aditi for the talk and the post. Can you please post a link to your presentation’s pdf?