Patenting open hardware ideas + Patent Pandas


Hey everyone,
Here is an insightful article describing the pitfalls of being trolled when creating open hardware. Thoughts?
Cheers, Prithvi


First, thanks for sharing the community about project pandas - a project emerged out of pain in innovators.

It is of need for open/free(knowledge, and design) hardware hackers,researchers,enthusiasts, fablabbers, etc… to know well about patents, its history and how it got freezed in time - that let trollers and black market which is of no use to science or modern economy - even undermining the very principles of free market ecosystem. A perfect example of how a age old and never updated innovation protection and incentivizing system - will harm commons and common innovation that actually has moved on and accepted that really there is no “invention” per se, but discoveries and innovations that act on historical knowledge and experiments.

On the spectrum of patents, very similar to copyright licenses it is upto the innovator or group of innovators to apply the patent scope.

But without ever changing to an alternative economic platform, there is not much use apart from ranting and spending time to decode age old laws and structures in order to make our minds legally conservative.

Unless there is a null market for trollers, this is going to continue. Open hardware hackers must read on Commons based peer production. I am seeing lot of folks, who just got interested in hardware from a software perspective fall into the cracks because most of them also see economy from a information point of view of services point of view - which is a special case of limited view of the reality.

Now, those who want to escape the troll pain, can either jump and understand the legalities and stay safe with proper procedures. This is like resurrecting proper and designed usage of patents. But thinking further brings this question, just because innovators and budding entrepreneurs see uncertainty and fear in competition that might hurt them badly most of them preemptively shutdown access and even resist the idea of keeping the patent open. We are living in a neoliberal economy right that lives on capitalism which does not live on land of adam smith but on frederich hayeks figment of imagination with worse models of economic control system.

In short, saying the patent system is open and why are not opting for it ?? is not suitable for this economy - which is a predatory one.

lets discuss more. for now, i have to go and enjoy christmas cake… :sunglasses::sunglasses: