OpenStreet Map in FSMK Website


I just noticed today that, the website, that we are still using google maps.

Can we move to OpenStreet Map for the same ?


Yeah. I really get annoyed when FSMK does these things in the name of convenience, user friendliness, or some other lame excuse.


This happen quite often when people feel they are already ‘converted’ and they only have to ‘preach’. The compromises help reach a wider audience, but creates a weaker community who will easily give up freedom when they get a convenient alternative. It is really a choice.


Yes, we know. We will update the same.


Please let me know if I can help here. As I looked into source, saw this coffee script that has code for googlemaps -
Is this where we should change or is there any other code?


I completely forgot to ask you for help! :slight_smile: I’m not completely sure about it either. Will let you know.


@yogi This function creates map.

I’ll change the map to OSM ASAP


That would be great!


The sites updated with open street map. :slight_smile:


Awesome. I just verified it too. . . it works.
Thanks for the change.


Thanks for pointing it out. I noticed that it is now done :smile: