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THE FOLLOWING IS JUST A COPY(we all like copying != theft, i am copying my content :wink: ) from another discourse forumโ€ฆ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

People who are interested in both the Hardware and Software and their
interfacing are growing from the past decade. It is like a culture
growing out of symbiotically relating both the worlds together grounded
with the principles of freedom.

Computers in this process have become a indispensable tool for us in
development, testing, and using the final solution. But what i imagine,
is the solutions are instruments and not just computers. Computers are
becoming part of instruments. We are always interested in interacting
with the world through the material and energy. Instruments do that. But
for many years establishments have made them closed, so complex in a
way that lay citizens perceive it with fear. Only using Computer is not
going to accomplish the complete task. Its the instruments. We also do
have social instruments, economic instruments. Remember they are called
instruments for certain reasons.

It is in the hands and thoughts of people who creates and uses the technology whether to use it as instruments or weapons.

But for every new comers, the from either side, the other side is
always seems to be daunting. I hope the following diagram will help you
or your friends understand the Systems Integration point of view.

In order to work both with hardware and software, one has to gain
this Systems point of View. It is like a horizontal/wide field of view,
where several vertical/specific fields come into play. It doesnโ€™t matter
whether one knows a vertical thoroughly. Because every field has a
science in itself, and nobody is going to master it completely. What can
one do is, understand this broad view and learn the specifics which
they are interested and start doing innovatively on the go.

Along with this i would also like to add the following diagram, which
is about developing things from scratch. Think of it as your workspace
or table where u would sit around to do some personal or contributing to
a community project that involves both hardware and software domain.