New Initiative - FSMK and Azim Premji Foundation



We are now in collaboration with Azim Premji Foundation to help them develop content on GNU Linux for school teachers working in Government schools across Karnataka. Resources from our organisation go to Azim Premji Foundation office and teach few teachers called as “Master Resources”. This knowledge transfer has been scheduled for two months currently and might extend depending on areas in GNU Linux being covered.

@soham154 and @hari are resources from FSMK. They are visiting Azim Premji Foundation office on a daily basis and sharing various methods to easily use GNU Linux and eventually plan to teach them to trouble shoot errors that occur on GNU Linux Platform. The end objective is to make teachers, all across Karnataka, use FOSS and sustain. The general observation is that they migrate back to proprietary software on facing an error while using FOSS.

@soham154 and @hari will be documenting their entire work with Azim Premji Foundation so that we can, if needed in the future, use this as reference material and teach other beginners the same. They have worked on an abstract framework which they’ll be sticking to for the next two months. It’s our request that you add more content as they document.

The teachers, as Master Resources, who are the audience in this initiative are learning through hands on sessions. They will eventually make videos in local languages and distribute it among other teachers in the state. As this progresses, we will update accordingly.

Feel free to participate and ask questions.



This is the document that we are preparing.
We are not following any syllabus of sorts. This is something that I am making up as we go.

The plan is to be as linear as possible while allowing some flexibility.

The main focus of this syllabus is to get someone who is not too terminal-averse into the “cli-is-good” mode.

So far the feedback is positive.

This is the link to the repo and this is a work in progress.
Share this and have fun.
Suggestions are welcome.

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