Net Neutrality in Practice?


As of lately I have not been able to access certain websites through my internet service. But I’m able to access those websites through other ISPs & through Tor network. How do I exactly determine if my ISP is throttling the speed or restricting the access to certain websites? Is there any fool-proof method to find out what exactly is happening?
Isn’t this a case of net neutrality violation? If it is, then how do I take legal action against the ISP?


The question is, what websites are we talking about. If the govt has issued a block on the websites, then we cant help it, but then, since you are saying, some ISP’s are able to load it up, that dosent seem to be the issue. In that case, this is clearly violating net-neutrality.


Some of the websites which I faced issues were, etc. Most of the websites were websites of foreign origin. And I’m pretty sure the websites which I faced issue with are not banned by the government.


Yes, so then , it does violate net-neutrality, unless, the website itself was down when you accessed.
Can you cross-check thrice and confirm.


As I mentioned earlier, I was able to access those websites through Tor & other ISPs. Hence, I’m pretty sure the websites were not down.