Need a volunteer to create camp'16 distro


Mentorship will be provided. This is an exciting opportunity to learn how to create a custom distribution.


I want to learn how to create a custom distro too. But the knowledge I have about it is limited. I hope I can make use of this opportunity to the fullest. @vincentvikram if mentorship is provided,then there is no reason for me to not volunteer. Are there any prerequisites for this? I am excited…




Ajith has already accepted the task I believe. I’ll check with him later today.

Either way, we’re already late (we need it by Wednesday ideally), so it’s best to have this done by somebody who has already done it, especially if we’re using Debian, which will require more (and more complex) work than, say, Fedora.


The prerequisite would be a good understanding of the Debian ecosystem, including how the testing and stable repos work, ways to get proprietary drivers (non-free repo, mainline kernel, etc.), and an idea of how the Debian installation process works. Experience with Linux Respin or whatever other tools are to be used to make this distro will help too.