My brother is from ECE branch.Is there any trainining or internship he can get?He is not from very reputed college.If he gets a good training , it will be very good for his campus.Please help


My brother is from ECE branch.Is there any vocational training,internship or technical training he can get, it would be very healthy for his campus.He is in 3rd yr studying in RKGIT college,gaziabad.He is not from a very big college but he has great interest in learning .It would be great if he can get training in gaziabad or bangalore.Please kindly help or suggest


Hi Sonali
Thanks for writing in. I think you are aware that there are camps happening in different parts of the country under the FSMI banner. Do look up Swecha, FSMK, FSF-TN. Since your brother is in Ghaziabad he may need to travel to one of the camps in other cities to get help.
You can contact @shijil for further help