Monthly Meeting Sun, July 9th, 2017, 11:00 AM


== Last month activities report ==

== Ongoing activity ==

== Agenda for discussion ==

Hacktivist Camp preparation. The draft plan for the review below

First Day - 28th July Friday, Hackathon Day 10-10

  • Localization, Contributing to Commons
  • Writing articles or translating articles
  • Building Browser Addons + Apps that would help in localizing content
  • Mapping
  • Free Hardware Related Programs
  • Policy related

Second Day - 29th July Saturday (Talks)

  • People’s movement in Free Software

    • Social change and movements
      • The only organization, not individuals will bring in social changes.
      • History of few sample movements and how it impacted society
      • Possible video
      • Discussion and debate
  • Commons and Society

    • Science as common enterprise(Balaji Kutty)
      • Discussion on historical development of science
      • Possibly a video
      • Discussion and debate
  • Art as common enterprise

  • Session on historical development and various form of arts
    - Possible video
    - Discussion and debate

    • How these enterprises appropriated for corporate profit
      - Session Intellectual properties, patents, and copyright and
      how free software and creative commons addresses it
      - Possible video
      - Discussion and debate

Third Day - 30th July Sunday

  • Data Commodification
  • Aadhaar: The biggest surveillance project ever

You can find the latest content here
Feel free to add/edit in case I missed any.