Monthly Meeting on 20th Aug Sunday at 11:30 AM


The monthly meeting is scheduled on 20th Sunday at 11:30 AM. Main agenda is to discuss the next 6 months plan. See the link for more detail


I have updated MoM on same etherpad page.

###Important decisions are

  • Focus more on unit(GLUG/Community center) level activities, following are the list of GLUGs/Community centers and coordinators that FSMK would be focusing on
  • BMSIT - Tanvi, Shashank
  • TOGGLE - Naveen, Shijil
  • GLUE - Dharshan, Ram
  • PESCE - Akshay, Amoghvarsha
  • PACE - Indhu, Ram
  • AC3 - Divya, Vinod, Renuka

(A detailed plan about GLUG activities are being worked out by respective coordinators)

  • Monthly meeting to continue on every second Sunday as usual - Shijil will coordinate
  • Plan Software Freedom Day activities in September month ( Registration and other preparation to be done immediately) - Respective GLUG coordinators to plan activities
  • Winter Camp will be conducted in the month of Jan/Feb 2018, any of the above GLUG to host the camp.
  • Will organize at least one mapping event in Bangalore. Building a team to map in various places. Approach - Talk to GeoBLR, whether they are okay in collaborating with FSMK. GeoBLR is an OSM group in Bangalore - Ram to coordinate
  • By end of September FSMK should find a new office space.
  • FSMK to revamp reading session - Nardhini can take partial responsibility
  • Implement the server strategy - Sohom
  • Conduct at least one Sunday School in a month or two - Rafy to coordinate
  • EfH Monthly Meetup