Monthly Meeting on 10th Sept Sunday at 11:30 AM



  • Brief discussion on RightToPrivacy Judgement
  • General Reporting
  • Get updates from GLUGS and Community Center, future activities discussion
  • Website + Mailing List + Migrating to free software based Instant messaging platform
  • SFD program plan -
  • EfH activity road map
  • Python Month

Add if I missed any.



*Discussion on right to privacy jusgement

Screened Usha Ramanathan’s interview prior to the discussion.

    (Due to time constraints we could not play this video, planned though)

*TFSC GLUG had an introductory session and a work session. Also planning for a Python workshop as part of Python month
*CMRIT GLUG had an intro session, planning for SFD celebration.
*Ram would be meeting GLUE and GEON folks on 19th, also a session is planned at RIT College Hassan.
*Akshay to meet PESCE GLUG this 16th/17th, SFD program.
*All GLUGs of FSMK are asked to set up a website, mailing list, free software based communication channels by this month end.
*SFD program on 17th Sunday at FSMK Office.
*At AC3 classes are going well, every day.
*The issue of ‘Reflection’ (A monthly magazine from AC3) was distributed.