Monthly Meeting October 2017


Action Plans

  • Month-long localization sprint in the context of in the context of Karnataka Rajyotsava
    Suggestions are
    • Wikipedia translations in similar lines to the session conducted at FSMK office during FDP.
    • Identify softwares that are commonly used and localize the same to Kannada
    • Translate articles/Essays related to free software and its philosophy
    • GLUGs to host the events with long-term goal of generating contributors who can continue to contribute

(Share your suggestions here, we are thinking of coming up with a detailed plan by this weekend)

  • DEVCON -

    • To mobilize people for the event.
  • GLUGs and Community Center are expected to host various other programs coming days which will be announced on discuss.

Last month activities


  • Shell scripting session by Amoghavarsha on 8 September 2017; which included ‘File permissions and Free Software Philosophy’,

  • Celebrated SFD on 16 September 2017 with Akshay Gudi, the session also included ‘Free Software Philosophy and a brief introduction on Jekyll’, about 30 people attended the session.



  • A quiz was held on 3rd of October, 2017 on behalf of Software Freedom Day(SFD) @CMRIT.
    45 people (including members, Nonmembers, and faculties) attended it.

  • A hands-on workshop on Web virtual reality was held on the 24th of Sept, 2017.

(Incomplete report, more updates soon)