Monthly Meeting, June 2017


== Last month activities report ==

AC3 New Batch

Free Software Talk at FAS, Bangalore on June 2nd, 2017

FOSS Talk at Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR), Bangalore on June 1st

Glug inauguration at Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore

== Ongoing activity ==

Embedded Systems course targeted towards women
Embedded Systems course targeted towards women

== Agenda for discussion ==

*Review of last month activities and ongoing activities
*Hacktivist Camp
Hacktivist Camp
*Framing Content
*Defining participants selection process.

== Meeting Summary ==

== EmbeddedForHer ==

*Decided to create a new category in exclusively for EmbeddedForHer(EfH) program and create a users’ group within discourse to manage this category. EfH team to update the guidelines for this category soon.

== CommunityCenter ==

*Distributed AC3 magazine named ‘Reflection’ featuring the topic Cancer (In English and Kannada). As mentioned earlier this magazine is released every month, compiled and edited by students using free software. They are working towards making soft copies of magazines available to the public soon.
*Lack of working computers affecting classes in the community center. Members presented in meeting Niranjan, Rameez agreed to donate the old laptops/computers to center. Vinod from AC3 to coordinate.
*FSMK to buy new computers if required.
*Explore the options of using SBC based systems in community centers. Looking for volunteers.

== Hacktivists Camp ==

*Venue is finalized ; ASR Melukote (
*Need to launch online registration portal soon. The selection process can be carried out based on criteria which are not finalized.
*Broadly to divide the 3 days programs into 3 sections. 1) 1.5 days - Session on grooming leaders, general talks, discussions, debates etc (topics to be discussed) 2) .5 day - field trip, meeting and interviewing people 3) 1 day for hands-on programs like mapping, Wikipedia contributions or any sort of contribution in general. Suggestions came up to include learning how to learn programs.