Models to have financial stabiltiy whilst controbuting to Free Software


For a long time many of us have been contributing to Free Software in various form. The most important thing and the common aspect that we have all been seeing in the core contributors having financial stability. While some contributors have some other backup whilst they contribute to FOSS, many lack such kind of financial support.

Many support models are starting to come up in these days, like the GitHub sponsorship programme ( and xscode ( and many such.

What other models do community members here gain any form of financial stability from contributing to Free Software ?

Does any of you follow any other models of contribution apart from individual donations ?

Any other similar models you have come across where contributors to FOSS have financial stability.

I am more interested in alternative models of contributions, as I fear these platforms will now start dictating which project receives what contributions and many projects may just die out.

PS : Re-phrasing the question to make it more clear is also welcome.


I think the word “stability” in the question may make it harder to answer. Stability is something that everyone, including Ambani finds hard.

Maybe we should only brainstorm the various ways of generating income?


The models that gitlab and carto have come up with - “open core” is something worth looking at.