Minutes of amigo community center meeting - 25th March 2017



1.Upcoming first one month plan of Amigo Community Center.
2.Summer camp.
3.Blogging initiative.
4.System replacing phase.
5.CET coaching classes.

  • Currently due to annual exams, they are learning typing.
  • Others who have exams, for some students tuition is being handle by Arshiya and Kavitha.
  • April 1st onward the actual classes will be scheduled accordingly. Basic computer, science tools in free software, internet and spoken English classes.
  • Shijil will be sharing the notes related to computer basics which he has documented.
  • Paid resource persons to co-ordinate overall activities of community centers.
  • Listing out the responsibilities of the resource person or the co-coordinator.
  • 16th April to 7th of may.
  • Rs.1000 per head. If students are attending the trip, then separately amount should be payed by them.
  • Community centers involvement in this camp will be only during the weekends and only for computer related sessions.
  • Documentation of all the activities of CC’s is very important.
  • Major activities must be recorded.
  • Post activities or related links at discuss.fsmk.org.
  • Either myself or Jeeva will be responsible for this documentation.
  • Currently two systems are working in ACC and one system at AC3.
  • Have to talk with jeeva regarding the above line and to get updates from him for the same.
  • Mobilizing Pre-universities students for the CET classes where a person named Hussain is ready to handle.