Minutes - Monthly Meeting, May 2017


= Monthly Meeting Sun, May 14th, 2017, 11:00 AM =
Next meeting date Sun, June 12th, 2017, 11:00 AM

== Last month activities report ==

Regional Camp Hassan

Community wireless network FreedomBox Hackathon

From Karshapanas to Crypto: A Brief History of Money

Arduino Workshop @BMSIT&M

AC3 annual day program

FSMK has migrated to Matrix

Launched New Website

== Ongoing activity ==

Embedded Systems course targeted towards women

Implementing server strategy
plan(https://etherpad.fsmk.org/p/server_strategy) effectively

== Agenda ==

  • Generic discussion on recent aadhar issue developments
  • Proposal to conduct Hactivists Camp : https://etherpad.fsmk.org/p/hacktivist_organisers_meet
  • Reviewing the Embeddedforher program progress
  • Reviewing Community wireless network program and come up with action plan
  • Reviewing Hassan regional camp

== Minutes ==

  • FSMK-WEB might need redesign. Perhaps putting the get-started page on the home page. Maybe find someone to get it done.
  • BMSITandM will probably have a bytestruck-like event on Software Freedom Day - Sept 18
  • Code contribution: We need to engage more people on discuss, and more contriutors to code.
  • Embedded for her: We need to have an MOU with the hosting venues. We need to keep in touch with core members with the updates.
  • AC3 annual day - We need to decide on a model to circulate magazine copies online. They need to come up with an annual model and post it on discuss.
  • RIT hassan Workshop coming up on 21st of May.
  • Hactivist camp: Need venue suggestions. Need to finalize selection criteria. Shijil to start a discussion regarding this. Melukote in our venue list as on now.
  • Someone from FSMK should talk to the Linux kernel meetup group. They have an issue with the location so maybe we can help with that.
  • Anticipating less activities in coming months as the final semester exams are close by.
    ( We could not take up couple of agendas for discussion due to the unavailbility of members involved in those activities, to be discussed in next montly meeting)