Minutes - Monthly Meeting, April 2017


= Monthly Meeting Sun, April 9th, 2017, 11:00 AM =
Next meeting date Sun, May 14th, 2017, 11:00 AM

== Report, Feedbacks, and suggestion for

== Important happenings ==

  • Discussed on Aadhar and various other developments that are happening related to Aadhar. A separate email discussion will be initiated for framing FSMK’s stand on Aadhar issue and plan future activities based on that.

== Ongoind activity ==

  • IT@School , FSMK and Azim Premji Foundation

  • Freedom Hardware activities
    Conducted good no. of activities in last month, however, we should also come up with a plan to involve them in activities.

  • GLUG activities
    At present GLUGs are managed to run by some of the students. Many time it is not documented what is happening GLUG levels, and not very sure about how many GLUGs are trying to follow the manifesto (https://etherpad.fsmk.org/p/glug-manifesto) that we prepared in the beginning of this term. Hence it is important to identify individuals who can adopt one or many GLUGs from FSMK core team as a mentor and point of contact from FSMK side.

  • Rebuilding website
    The current site is heavy and menus and content are scattered. So we are working on a simple and lightweight website based on Jekyll. Saky, Rahul Kondi, and Tanvi. Content migration is already done. Some style work and finalizing menu options are pending. Volunteers are welcome.

  • Implementing server strategy plan(https://etherpad.fsmk.org/p/server_strategy)
    @kishangupta has agreed to work on some of the items, though there is no concrete plan yet.

== Tentative activity plan for this month ==

== Special agenda ==

  • Camp or no camp during the semester break?
    (We could not take up this time, a separate discussion will be initiated)