Migration to free platforms for communication



Configuring XMPP chat client on your mobile phone ( this is a trial run )

Conversation being stable and has strong community base we recommend to use Conversation. For a different app check here
###How to Install :
Download Conversation client from F-Droid / web URL ( https://f-droid.org/repository/browse/?fdid=eu.siacs.conversations)
###Creating account :
From home screen go to Manage Account (Choose from top right menu ) -> Add New Account.
Under Jabber ID provide desired user name in below format
Next choose a strong password
Check “Register new account on Server”
###How to join FSMK Discuss :
Go back to main screen->Choose Add option
Select Conferences tab and choose join
Choose your account under Your Account and type conference.discuss.fsmk.org under Conference address box
Chose Join

See you there :smiley:


Rooms I know are of the format roomname@domainname. Could you please create a common room for everyone to join?


Try joining to talk@conference.discuss.fsmk.org


I suggest a shorter domain name like conference.fsmk.org (remove discuss) or even groups.fsmk.org (since its functionally same as WhatsApp/Telegram groups).



I think this has been somewhat addressed by this post!!


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