Migrating XMPP (Jabber) host from discuss.fsmk.org to fsmk.org


My first post in this forum so unaware of any regulations regrading posting etc etc. :innocent:

As per @shijil’s direction I have managed to change the host of our xmpp server from discuss.fsmk.org to fsmk.org. This is a part of the long term plan to migrate all of our chat/communications to a self-hosted platform. check this thread

What did I do ??

  • Added a Virtualhost component for fsmk.org
  • DID NOT remove the Virtualhost component for discuss.fsmk.org.
  • Cleaned up the prosody config files so that management is easier in future.
  • Added an SRV record on the fsmk.org server (virtual host server) that routes all xmpp traffic to the discuss.fsmk.org server (actual host server) with the help of @shijil
  • enables telnet login into prosody for easier management of the server instance

What will happen next

  • The old xmpp host i.e. discuss.fsmk.org will be shut down permanently with no backwards compatibility.
  • All the chat rooms (groups) registered under the old host name (discuss.fsmk.org) will be taken down permanently and new ones will be set up on the new host (fsmk.org)

What does this mean for the Community

  • NONE of the old xmpp accounts registered on the server discuss.fsmk.org (e.g. user_name@discuss.fsmk.org) will work.
  • All the groups registered under the old domain (discuss.fsmk.org)will be inactive permanently.
  • We will move from Telegram to XMPP permanently (soon!! (soon is relative term :wink: ))
  • Everyone will have to create new accounts on the server (this applies only to people who do NOT have an existing Jabber account and/or to people who want to use another separate account)

In case someone is interested; here are the links to the report(s) of our new xmpp hosts from IM Observatory

The certificate score is 0 out of 100 because our certificate is self-signed. This should not be an issue when we migrate to some CA.

Thanks to @shijil, @ssrameez, Abhinav Jha, Jeevan, and @kishangupta for their help.

Migration to free platforms for communication


Main Points:

  • Certificate for the XMP server (fsmk.org) are now valid (more technically signed by a trusted CA) .


  • The certificates are not created on the xmpp host server since the host is at a different URL (discuss.fsmk.org) and the xmpp host aka the virtualhost is fsmk.org. Thus the certs are generated on the fsmk.org server and then copied to the main xmpp server using the scp utility.

  • @saky reported that he was unable to access the server from his internet connection. If you find the “server not found” error then please run this command from the terminal to confirm “_dig +short -t SRV _xmpp-server.tcp.fsmk.org” which should produce the output “0 5 5269 discuss.fsmk.org” . I am unable to figure out this as of today. As a fix try changing internet connection (sounds weird!!) like mobile data to broadband or vice versa. Ex. Mobile data (Vodaphone) wored for @saky while Broadband internet (Airtel) didn’t.

  • File transfers via the xmpp chat is not working on the server yet. Any attempts to send files (pictures / documents) result in the output being “delivery failed” error.

  • The desktop client Pidgin does not support OMEMO encryption (AFAIK).


Thanks to @sarath_ms, @shijil, @kishangupta for the help!!

Once these are fixed the user guide will be updated.

If anyone has any idea about these errors then please reply!!

Thank you.


No issues connecting now. Problem on my end, fixed.


The image issue has been fixed. Register on the server and check it out yourself. The fix for the image issue meant that the old XMPP host (discuss.fsmk.org) needed to be unloaded. Thus the old xmpp server does not exist now. All the accounts on the old server will be deleted.


If you already have a diaspora account, its very likely you also have an xmpp account. poddery.com, diasp.in and joindiaspora.com has xmpp (see podupti.me to know if your pod has xmpp). If you have not joined diaspora yet, this would be a good time to choose diaspora+xmpp. You are welcome to sign up at poddery.com or diasp.in (I’m in both server admin teams).

@soham154 you should enable these modules -> https://wiki.debian.org/InstallingProsody#Useful_Modules_.28Mobile_support.29 for good mobile support. We have enabled all of this on poddery.com


The OMEMO option is not highlighted even in Conversations. Why?


@soham154 gajim has a plugin for OMEMO. @vincentvikram there is a bug in prosody https://prosody.im/issues/issue/673 and it is fixed now. May be prosody needs updating. I suggest moving to 0.10 nightlies, you need that for mam support in muc (to receive messages sent to conference when you are offline, a critical feature people are used to in WhatsApp/Telegram groups) anyway.



The certificates have been updated. We now have certificate Grade A.
c2s - > client-to-server
s2s -> server-to-server


You have to add conference.fsmk.org DNS entry and update your ssl certificate to include this domain.

$ host conference.fsmk.org
Host conference.fsmk.org not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)