Linux Kernel Hackathon


This is an email posted here “as received” from Allen regarding the Kernel Meetup Bangalore.

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I am sure you have seen the twitter poll and the email communications w.r.t
the dates for the Hackathon. Most of you have voted and the Hackathon will be
scheduled for 3rd Dec 2016.

A few things first,

  1. I will get in touch with a few of you for topics for the Hackathon. If you would like lead/work on a topic of your choice, please do get in touch by 20th Nov 2016.
  1. You are new to kernel and there’s a topic/module/sub-system you are interested in and would like hack on it, do let us know, we will
    try and see how best we can work on including it.
  1. Duration of the event. I would prefer it running from 10AM to 4PM, if you have any comments/suggestions, please write back.
  1. Food/Snacks/Beverages: At the moment I haven’t planned any of this. Do you guys have any suggestions on the same. You could either choose to write back to the group or get in touch with me directly.
  1. Venue: Am talking to a couple of folks who are interested in hosting us. I should have a confirmation on the same in a day or two. Will have it announced soon.
  1. Once we have the list of topics, I will put out the necessary pre-requisites on our blog. Please go through it and make sure you guys come prepared. If you like to learn/contribute/hack, carry your laptops :slight_smile:

It’s our first big event, spread the word.


  • Allen


Do you mind reformatting the quoted mail to get rid of the scroll bars and make it more readable? Thank you.


posted that from mobile! fixed it now! :slight_smile:


Yes, am interested in kernel hackathon. But am a newbie in this. Can I have a chance to learn kernel programming there?!
I am interested to host the event too


Okay so this is the google Group that we use for communications. Please join this group; then you can get in touch with the organisers