L10N Sprint #1 at IISc Open Day 2017



This is a report on FSMK’s activity around Localisation at IISc Open Day 2017.

What is L10NSPRINT?
A Localisation Sprint is a hands-on event where a group of people come together to participate in localisation activities.

How was this sprint conducted?
We set up a desk exclusively for Localisation activities. We made a list of English strings used on the new fsmk.org website. We invited people to help us translate these strings to Kannada. Anybody who translated more than 5 strings satisfactorily was given a Distro. Option included old Ubuntu CDs, FSMKCamps Distro CDs, EduBOSS Linux CD and Namma Debian CDs (they may have been DVDs.) There were also some stickers to give away.

We found some essential translations that we had missed out on in the localisation efforts we made a couple weeks prior to this event. We even got some better alternatives for strings we had translated.

We had some of the people translate the handouts we, err, handed out to everyone. I will work on making Kannada versions of our handouts and post soon.

Volunteers who made this happen
And a lot of people from other desks. You know who you are. : )

Visitors translating using post-it notes.

Wall Of Fame

I will also try my best to post more pictures and the translations that we documented soon.
Feel free to post questions.

Open Day 2017 at IISc: An overview

Has the new website gone live?


A very beta version is available at new.fsmk.org. We are working on migrating and translating content. Looking for volunteers to help out.


There is a paradigm called “Release early, release often
I would suggest that the new website go live and keep updating it on a regular basis. Thanks