Jan 2018 Monthly meeting - proposal for presentation on installing Linux on RDP Thinbook



Is the Jan monthly meeting happening on the third Sunday (21-Jan) ?
If so, my brother is visiting here, and would like to do a presentation on “Installing Linux on the RDP Thinbook” in that Jan monthly meeting.

RDP Thinbook is a highly economical, thin, sleek laptop launched recently in the Indian market.

Please do advise if the meeting is taking place on that date, and if this could be accommodated.

Regards, Krish.


Is the laptop’s hardware open and free ? If so I think we can totally do one. Else, I don’t think we could encourage it, since it becomes a sales pitch and FSMK is not the organization for the same.


the laptop is not open and free hardware;

and this is not a pitch to buy this particular laptop, more a presentation on how to approach such devices :

  • those with the new intel cherry tail chipset,
  • getting UEFI boot to work,
  • creating USB stick which can boot multiple ISO images via UEFI even if the actual ISO wasnt UEFI compatible
  • etc

And thee techniques would be useful for any new device people would want to try linux on.


@krish we may not conduct monthly meeting in Jan month since we would be busy with camp preparation. Would he be available in Feb month ? or anytime after camp ? If yes we can plan for a session then.


Afraid he will not be available in Feb / after camp.
Will find a way to post an online article, and a link to it on this forum.


Hi Krish,

Wanted to check if this can happen sometime this month? I’m sure everyone would be interested in attending the same.



Unfortunately he is not available - was only visiting in Jan, hence the suggestion then.


Oh alright. Thanks for the quick reply!