Is this site meant to replace the Telegram group?


I hope not. The telegram group is more convenient on the go.


Not entirely. Just that this way we get to keep our data!
So it will eventually become the primary mode of communication. But that’s a long term goal.
As of now, the more important discussions will happen here, so we can document them and track them.


It maybe convenient… but it has lot of constraints. Would it be possible from your side to code away an android app to login into this and see whats happening? Is there something like that already - that I am missing?


Nope. I looked up playstore. There isn’t a Discourse app that we could use. -_-
Somebody should turn this webapp into a native app with notifications enabled. Otherwise, this isn’t convenient at all.


That would take a lot of work, I’m guessing. Any APIs or anything?


Not really. I’ll get in touch with svce-notification-boy. He should be able to do it.

PS: Nischal.


Every type of tool has a design that caters to a specific task or process or activity. If it is well-designed then it will fill a need of the end-user. Once the need is being fulfilled by a tool it becomes difficult to wean away the user unless another better tool is introduced. There is no going back to a primitive form. While this default response can be reprogrammed under certain contexts, human beings will revert to the basic nature of human psychology. Hence, proprietary social networking tools will not go away unless a stronger alternative is introduced.


Pushing this thread up. Yes, Discourse is meant to host discussions. We are in the process of setting up an XMPP server after which we will kill all Telegram processes


Sounds good.