Invoiceplane an open source invoicing system


Was looking for an free and open source billing and invoicing system for my enterprise. When I stumbled into invoiceplane. Not wanting to buy tally or learning it. I feel invoiceplane full fills my simple requirement of billing, invoicing and client management.

Installed it on my linux mint lamp server and have been running it for a year

On how to install


I’m not able to read your blog without executing proprietary javascript from blogspot. :frowning2:


check now must be defualt template issues


Since you mentioned Tally, you should have a look at which is a FOSS accounting software


Works now! Sorry for the late reply. I haven’t been around for a while.


Also gnucash

I don’t know how well it scales. It works well for my personal accounting, and should for an organization the size of FSMK as well.