Introductory Session(TFSC) for BMSIT 2017-18


So this TFSC session was one of the most awesome sessions I’ve been… lead by Karthik and Mayank of the springboard also Alumni of the college supported by Tanvi. It literally covers a whole lot of things and gives you what you really need and a reason to start something big in your life. The most best part is… It’s a two way session where not only the speaker interacts but the listener too is involved. It basically covers every aspect you expect it to.

This session is not just for pros or something like them… It’s for every amateur or beginner who wants to learn something new in technology or is just interested in these kind of things. You can really be pleased to attend it as the amount of time you give for it is completely worth it. And is organised in a way I’m sure no one could get bored… Not even for those who just come for fun…
They talked about the recent technology and web development techniques too…
They also stressed on keeping the focus on what the problem actually is and how to solve it… Rather concentrating much on the language used.
It ended with an introduction to neural networks…

So all in all… It’s a legit amazing session which really gets your mind back on track to do something and more just sit idle… Listening.


We’d like to see blogs about it! And pics if available. Keep us posted on the activities happening!