Internet Shutdowns Tracker #KeepItOn


I had built this tool a few months ago to help track incidents of Internet Shutdowns (governments ordering telecom operators to cut off Internet access) in various parts of India.
Internet Shutdowns Tracker

This is now part of a global initiative to fight back against such problems which, in effect, impacts freedom of speech. Read this to know more about the issue. And this piece about the legality of these shutdowns in India. Its part of an ongoing in research in right now. There will be more info soon.

Coming to the point, I had built this under conditions of urgency and hence couldn’t start out with a good UI in mind/paper. Its responsive and embeddable, but its a UX nightmare. particularly on mobile.

I’m going for a rewrite and looking forward to hear some feedback and ideas on how can this be made better. Designers, any thoughts on presenting this better?