Initiating PLUGIn glug activities at PESIT BSC


Hi all,

Recently I’ve had a few talks from the 2nd year CSE students of PESIT BSC and they’re interested to kick-start a few activities this semester.

  • Linux Installation fest

  • Web Development workshop

This is set to happen over this month and next month, do ping me or comment on this thread if you are interested to be a facilitator.


Hey, how is this going so far? While I won’t be able to make it to the GLUGs itself, I’d be happy to provide support and advice.
It would be great if you could encourage the GLUG co-ordinators to come down to fsmk for the monthly meets. This Sunday we discussed predominantly on maintaining and running a (new) glug.


Hi @padawan The Glug has started with a Web 101 workshop session (a 4-week long stint) and yes, I’ve been closely monitoring how things are going. Regarding the monthly meetings, a few of them quoted that FSMK is far from where they stay. But yes, I will continue to keep them informed about the monthly meet-ups and make sure that some turn up.

I think the Blockchain talk should provide the necessary ignition. :slight_smile:

On a positive note - we have a repo on GitLab, a chatroom on Riot (not a very active one, I’m afraid) and a static website (still needs a lot of work). @shijil was kind enough to setup a mailing-list for the club, thank you.

PS: A few alums from PLUGIn have reached out to me to conduct sessions & pitch in, which is a good sign.