Inauguration of glug mvit


Hey there,

I am very happy to inform that GLUG MVIT is now official!!

The inauguration session of GLUG MVIT which was named “GLUG MVIT SESSION-0” was held at SIR MVIT college on 17 August 2016 in the presence of Principal , Head of the Department of Computer Science and Information Science, Faculty members and students.
Mr Karthic Rao was the speaker for the session.

Thoughts on the following topics was provided:

  • Introduction to Free software(why,how and what)
  • FSMK
  • GLUG
  • Introduction about various free software technologies.

The industrial background of Mr Karthic Rao made the crowd more enthusiastic.The overall response from the crowd is really overwhelming.Around 175+ students have already registered themselves to be part of this wonderful community.

Looking forward to more such events!!

please find the photos here


Good to hear, Veeresh! Keep the flow and let us know if you need any help at any time!