" Hardware " is not only about Electronics folks ! 😎


Hey there folks,

I would always engage in tight discussions with the community folks who are eagerly interested in migrating or using hardware into their explorative, hacking, projects, etc, so on so forth.

Literally every community i have been into, have observed that their thought process is heavily influenced by “Electronics” and particularly to a few platforms like “Arduino”, “Beagle bone”, “RasPi”.

Don’t you people think, then the Hardware SIG(special interest group) within the community can rename themselves as Electronics group or something of that sort. We have to use our mushy moisty brains a bit and think whether we are propagating the right thing. Will we, accept talking about only ruby for instance in a free software community ? Is that common sense. Sorry for being so blunt. And it is also a fact, that there cannot be any software without electronic hardware. So It is the right time in our era, where convergence of software, network infratructure, spectrum, hardware disciplines is taking place.

I do love to support all the Arduino folks, Rpi, BBB folks out there. It is obviously the best place to start. But as a community we must embrace diversity and the popularity of such platforms itself obscures our telescopic thought process to explore wider and further.

Hardware ranges from architecture, to mechanical, to electrical, to electronics, to optics, to chemical. It is a transdisciplinary word and field.

I will soon update here with some of the links that would expose the diversity of real hardware.
I also do know that folks out there think same. This ranting is all about suggestion for the new comers, and folks who are migrating into hardware. Without proper wisdom one cannot engage in creating awareness or even sharing knowledge to others. Then how come we are thinking about education… :laughing: