Hackers can’t solve Surveillance


Hackers need to understand that there is no business model for secure mass communications. In order to achieve a society where we can expect privacy we need more hackers and hackerspaces to embrace the broader political challenges of building a more equal society.


really a critical article for understanding the SYSTEM.

Everybody, almost everyone things that is a problem associated with communication(securing) that can be completely addressed with MECHANISM alone. Then how come business models that involve focusing just on mechanism that again relies on it to earn financially would help accomplish that.

However, this can be used (exploited) as an opportunity to gain more traction from “users who just use”, “users who get fixated to a particular communication platform”, to form a perpetual business competition and only in those view – those “users” becomes marginalized to continue as long as they can - as a financial income - know what i mean ??.

“Hackers” know there is no 100% security. Moreover still many use obscurity to solve the security problem, :worried:. MECHANISM & POLICY has to be given equal importance to understand the problem completely. Surveillance is a subjugation problem - which can be applied between 2 individual or at the social level. Building business models out of such social issues that deeply ties with the personal and social borders of an individual, may only create super structures that would perpetually drain the economy spent for communication.

It rings me again… :smile:
similarly AADHAR(shitty private entity) cant solve PDS, Corruption, MIM problems. And for people who believe it to be a solver, just realize that it has assumed itself into a super structure rather than solving one particular and specific problem which it addressed or promised to address at the beginning. Moreover, it marginalizes questioning of authority, social auditing too. So much for those wise bureaucrats and subjects who hope on MECHANISM… :smirk:


Really nice article!