GPG FSF Copyright Assignment


When you contribute to an FSF copyrighted package, you need to assign your copyright to the FSF. This is, among other things, to make enforcement of the GPL easier.

I recently contributed some code to GNU Emacs. And, I am currently in the process of assigning the copyright to my contribution to the FSF. This process involves the FSF emailing you a PDF which you sign, and snail-mail back to them. The snail-mail part is time consuming and expensive. The whole process would be a lot less hassle if it could be done completely electronically. Hence, recently, the FSF has started accepting GPG signatures for copyright assignment.

Currently, GPG signatures are accepted only in a few countries (the US, Italy, etc.). GPG signatures are not accepted if you are from India. In order for the FSF to start accepting GPG signatures for copyright assignment in India, they are looking for pro bono legal advice from an Indian lawyer.

So, does anybody know a lawyer who can help? Perhaps, FSMK (and SFLC, India?) can do something about this.


We will be meeting a few SFLC folks during the camp. I’ll bring this up with them. Let’s see what they have to say.