Glug Introduction Sessions!


Hey there!

Since the semesters have just started, many of you have planned to start GLUG’s in your respective college or are having an introduction to the freshly joined people. Would request you just comment on this thread so that we can keep track as to what is happening.

As far as I know, these are the introductions that will happen this week:

  1. PACE, Mangalore - Introduction on 10th August. (I will be there too)
  2. GLUG RNSIT, Bengaluru - Introduction on 13th August along with Python workshop sponsored by PSSI.
  3. FSOC, SJBIT, Bengaluru - Introduction on 13th August. (Not finalised yet)

In the coming weeks -

  1. BMSIT GLUG, Bengaluru - Probably on August 19th.

Introductions that have already happened:

  1. Plugin, PESSCE, Bengaluru - Happened on August 5th.

Please update if this is happening anywhere else.


There was a session in Mangalore in PACE yesterday and it was good at least in my perspective.