Glug inaugration at Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore


Hi all,

Glug inaugration was held at Bearys Institute of Technology, Mangalore on May 13 2017. Following is the summary of the event.

Talk on free sofware
Thinking like a computer scientist – an introduction to programming
Talk on gender sensitization
Inaugration of GLUG

Nardhini S
Aisha Lovely George – a member of Hidden pockets

Session 1: Talk on free software. Speaker: Nardhini
The session started with an activity in which the students were exposed to the limitations of proprietary software and corporate control. Some details about Facebook and data commodification, memory hole, digital footprint and Aadhar were also discussed. Following that, the students were introduced to the four freedoms of free software.

Session 2: Thinking like a computer scientist. Speaker: voidspaceXYZ
This session was to give a top-level introduction to programming. The students were asked to write three programs and by making them think the way they approached each program they were taught about the common mistakes committed while beginning to program, and then the ways to write efficient programs.

Session 3: Talk on gender sensitization. Speaker: Aisha Lovely George
The purpose of this workshop was to create gender awareness amoung the students. The session began with an activity where the students split into groups and developed apps for a particular gender (Men or Women). The groups then enacted the app in front of the others, who found out what the app was and the gender it was for. Through this activity the students were exposed to the stereotypes associated with men and women. Following the activity, Aisha explained the difference between sex, gender and sexuality, and how it is important to respect the other gender.

Session 4: GLUG inaugration. Speaker - voidspaceXYZ­
The day concluded with inaugrating GLUG. FSMK and its activities were spoken about. And, the formal assocition of students with FSMK through GLUG was informed.

We thank the HOD of the Information Science department for helping organise the event. We also thank the organisers for their continued and tireless support.


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