Fsmk Wallpapers





Can you also share the source of these images and also the relative licenses for these images ?


All my designs are free to reuse re-edit but not to be used for any commercial purposes…

If u could help me with either a gpl or cc licence I would be forever thankful


Use this link https://creativecommons.org/choose/ to choose an appropriate version of CC for your work


GPL is not for artwork I suppose. So CC is your choice.

Also, what you have uploaded is the final images. Need the source files too :slight_smile: your actual svg or xcf files, could that be kept in a gitlab repo and share the relative urls ?








The FSMK logo is a trademark. So I think some type of license is required. Would be good if you read up a bit on the CC group of licenses.


Lots of other elements in all these images are also copyrighted. @mohdisham needs to check the license terms of every single source image that he used before releasing his images, no matter which license he chooses to do that under.

Speaking of the FSMK logo, what license is it released under? Am I allowed to make modified versions and fan art?


Oh the logos come under copyrights doesn’t it…

Sorry didn’t think about that…

So whlat is the appropriate licence i should use


many of times when poster designing for fsmk events
we may be using copyright logos for our posters under what licenece do these images / posters come under…

eg using fb/ twitter/youtube images
using free software logo images etc…


No, the logos come under trademark. You cannot mix-and-match as that would be trademark violation.


thanks for advice will have to be cautious on all future works…

all images i use are cc0 images usually from pexels and pixabay
but never gave thought about logos.