FSMK Identity (color)


I have been making changes to the FSMK logo ever since I became a part of the organisation. Something about it never feels right.
But I’m proud of its current state and will keep trying to make more meaningful changes.

Here’s one for today: Color.

To the best of my knowledge, there has not been any indication of a preference to a color that would represent FSMK. I took the liberty to use Blue for reasons I now cannot recall, but ot just makes sense to me every time I look at it. The original logo was simple b/w.

Question is, what do you all think our primary color and our accents colors should be?
Please post answers with some thoughtful reasoning.

More context: A primary color will be THE color for FSMK. This might be used on things like the logo, document heads, banners, other branding materials etc.
Accents are secondary colors that complement the primary colors. These might appear on buttons, links, icons, text highlight etc.

Also note, we have several subdomains: FSMK Core, Discuss, EC, FSMKCamps, Localisation, Community Centers, GLUGs etc. All of these need to be kept in mind while choosing colors.

This is the first draft of how I visualise things. Open to suggestions and debate!


Also, I’d be happy to repost with a different tag. I thought this fits in with Policy. But let me know if that’s not okay.


Another alternative.


I like the one compared to the one you posted at the top. That’s way too light and this - makes FSMK looks legit. But I still like the old one with black. Anyway, more opinions from others would be good.

Dark background for the banner of this site

Do we really need to have different colours to represent working sub-groups/sub-domains within the organisation? I thought the organisation logo remains constant, right?


I didn’t mean to suggest we change the color on the logo. I meant use different colors for each of the working groups. For instance, if we use tags, then the tags will be differently colored. Not the logo.