FSMK Biannual General Body Meeting - 2019


Hello Friends,

FSMK is organizing its Biannual General Body meeting on 10th March 2019 from 2:30 PM to 5 PM at Auditorium, Government Science College Autonomous Nrupathunga Rd, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Ambedkar Veedhi. As part of this, we have come up with the following procedure to enroll new members to FSMK GB.

Organizationally General Body is the ultimate decision-making body of our organization. During the General Body Meeting delegates will meet and engage in a detailed discussion on the various activities pursued by FSMK and its community, review of those activities, and finalizing an action plan for upcoming years. End of the meeting there would also an election of the new executive committee and followed by office bearers for day to day operations and better coordination.

Only delegates can attends FSMK GB will be and will be included in the FSMK-Core mailing list. A GB member participates and works for building the free software activities not just in GLUGs/Community Centers but at an organization level also. Such a delegate will also have an opportunity to get elected further into the higher committees which will be decided in the FSMK GB meeting. A deletage will also be responsible for ensuring that whatever gets discussed/decided in FSMK core is also passed on to the respective units or community regularly.

How can anyone be part of FSMK General Body?

Mainly, we work among Students from GLUGs, Academicians, Community Center members and Working professionals(non-academicians). For each of them, we have come up with a procedure to become part of the FSMK General Body.

GLUG members:
GLUGs can nominate delegates to General Body. For every 10 GLUG members, 1 delegate may be elected by the students amongst who are gathered. Also out of total no. of delegates min of 30% of members should be females/women.

Community Center members:
Since only 2 community centers are currently active, we have suggested them to nominate 5 members together from the same.

Working professionals:
Since there is currently no active unit as such to represent working professionals in FSMK, we have decided that any working professional interested to become part of General Body will have to pay Rs. 1000 and do a self-enrollment to GB. Though this does sound as someone buying their way into FSMK General Body, we currently do not have any other better way for deciding who should be and who shouldn’t be part of FSMK General Body from working professionals. We believe that the fee becomes a self-determinant to decide whether a person wants to come themselves to become a General Body member and it will ensure that only those who see long term commitment to the movement will come forward to pay the fees. We are open to any suggestions for rectifying this process.

As we do not yet have an active academicians chapter, we have decided to ask academicians also who want to become part of FSMK also to pay Rs. 1000 to become part of General Body. However since we do not have many active academicians and we do not want this to be the main reason for them to not associate with FSMK, we do expect to make exceptions in case if any academicians come forward with interest to join General Body but unable to pay the fee.

Please note that we consider the above plan as a guiding document for us to go ahead and organize a general body which will help us to re-group ourselves with more active members, come up with a more vibrant executive committee and office bearers for FSMK.

PS: We have started the preparation for GB meeting couple of weeks back. Many units have completed the meetings and identified GB delegates. We were waiting for the venue to be confirmed before making announcement.