FSMI conference in August 2016


The National Conference of FSMI will be held in Chennai on 13,14,15 August 2016. The delegates for this conferences will be chosen from among the GB members and other active participants. Since the delegate session will take decisions of national importance, there will be sessions to ensure that delegates are aware of FSMK’s stand on several issues.

Looking forward to active participation




Now sure how exactly this works, but are the delegates required to have personal views in line with FSMK’s stance? If I am chosen as a delegate, am I allowed to not support FSMK on some issues?


Good question @kishangupta!
Yes, delegates do have personal views. Let me explain.

Normally a note is circulated for discussion by the outgoing committee. This note is discussed among the different groups present and opinions are sought from the delegates. Consensus is built. There is scope for disagreement too. There will then be a discussion session wherein each team sends members to share the outcome of the discussion and even dissenting opinions are shared. All points are then addressed by the EC members and the GB takes a final call.

So what did I mean about FSMK’s stand on certain issues? For example, we are against the patent system in software and will not support it under any circumstance. There are, however, some individuals and groups who believe that in the current situation defensive patents by patent pooling might be a good choice. While that does appear juicy, we do not share such a stand. There are no dogmas that we follow. We are constantly analysing and evolving our position based on the data available to us and this happens in a consultative process.

On the issue of business models in FOSS we might have differing opinions as there is no one model which works for all. See recent discussion on FSMK-discuss mailing list

Hope it is more clear.