Freedom Hardware @Open Day 2017, IISc Bangalore


As a part of FSMK Stall on Open Day 2017@ IISc Bangalore, Freedom Hardware team showcased some demos and tried to create awareness about the importance of Open / Freedom Electronics. We succeeded in conveying the philosophy and its importance. The demo of Arduino Powered OLED Screen which displayed our logos and quotes, attracted most of them, and we explained about building their own smartwatch (any gadgets) using the same. And with the demo of Controlling a Buzzer and LED through Internet (IoT) helped us to make them understand the need to freedom hardware, we explained home automation, IoT applications and many other practical applications which can solve their and major social problems. We empathized on use of technology in solving the real social problems and the role of Free Software and Hardware to achieve it.
It’s happy to see that, many academicians and professionals extended their views to work on Open Hardware to implement their ideas practically. Major crowd was students, many of them showed their interest to work on freedom hardware and we asked them to be connected with our organisation to carry out further activities. And even school students and their parents expressed their views on building some small hobby projects using arduino and asked for help. Our main objective was to make them clear that, open hardware and software is built to give access of technology to everyone and used for better social cause, and we succeeded in reaching the same to huge crowd.

Open Day 2017 at IISc: An overview