Free Software Talk at FAS, Bangalore on June 2nd, 2017



I visited the office of Foundation for Agrarian Studies (FAS) on June 2nd, 2017. The duration of the talk was an hour. It was more of an interaction than a talk with the folks working at FAS. We differentiated ‘Free Software’, ‘Free service’, ‘Freemium Software’ and ‘Proprietary software’ using several analogies. We talked about Free Software and its essence in terms of the freedom it provides. There were concerns about software compatibility and complete transition to open source systems. We discussed how, unlike proprietary software’s, a user can suggest ideas to the community and if useful will be developed by the community or can be developed by themselves if they have the capability to do so. I suggested if someone wants to search for alternative software’s. I hope the interaction made them aware of the things they use in their daily life. I stressed on being aware of the consequences. Even after being aware of the consequences if they choose to use proprietary software’s, it is their freedom to do so.

Few interesting questions were:

  1. Why is Free and Open Source Software not as famous as the proprietary ones?
  2. Why doesn’t Free and Open Source Softwares advertise and market a lot?
  3. How do we create awareness among other people?

I have answered those questions from my perspective. Would like to hear other opinions on this.



kudos @shashankmc, meeting people and interacting with them… you do it so good and casual, which in part inspired me and i envy you for that…

looking forward to learn more from you… :slight_smile:


Haha, appreciate it! I think each one of us have something to learn from each other in this community. :smiley:


Report from FAS Bangalore