FOSS Talk at Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR), Bangalore on June 1st



This is a post on the FOSS talk that happened at IIHR on June 1st, 2017. The institute is located near Hesaraghatta. The audience comprised of 25 people including senior researchers and few students. It was more of an interaction than a talk. IMO, it is effective. The process was question, answer, understand the answer in depth and iterate until everything was understood. We talked about ‘Free Software’ and ‘Free Service’, so that the actual meaning of ‘Free’ in Free Software is conveyed. We talked about its necessity and its implications. We talked about privacy, both online and offline, and security. Multiple analogies to convey the differences between proprietary software and free software was used. I ended up stressing on the importance of free software in the scientific community. Innovation and development in both these fields has direct impact on society.

Duration of the interaction: 1hr 15 mins.

P.S: Its a great drive to this institute once you pass Sapthagiri College of Engineering. Mentioning this if somebody intends to getaway from the concrete buildings of the city for a few hours and enjoy a good drive.