EFH Projects

**Group 1: Fatima, Gayatri, Sree** 

Our draft project ideas - we didn't want to eliminate any at this stage
**Idea: Timer control for switch** 
What: To be able to control electrical points/ appliances at home/ office using a timer
There are buttons/ switches - 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours and 4 hours 
Why: Power Saving/ Maximize longevity of appliances 

**Idea: Object Locator**
What: To be able to locate objects using a device / smart phone app/ web app
Attach a BLE device to objects (such as keys, cell phones, remotes)
Have a central device that will beep the object to be located
Why: Because the number of things that we use has multiplied and it is so easy to misplace them (This can also be implemented using RFID)

**Idea: Automatic Lighting** 
What: Light that will go on when the light is less than a certain threshold and off when there is light more than the threshold
Application: can be used for street lights 
Why: I wish this existed for our street lights

**Idea: Control lights, fans, other electrical devices using an app (Home Automation)**
What: Check if an electrical device is on/ off. 
Have ability to turn the device on if it is off
Have ability to turn the device off if it is off
This can be extended to manipulate specific device functionality - brightness for a light, speed for a fan etc.

**Idea: Dashboard with RAG (Red, Amber, Green) for the car (Vehicle Maintenance), notifications and email alerts for Reds**
What: Atleast for these  
Air Pressure
Why: Because i wish i had them :) 

**Idea: Smart Car Park** 
What: Have a dashboard that will indicate which car parking spaces are empty and give directions

**Idea: E-Token**
What: Can be used in any customer service location
Queues the tokens 
Customer Service Rep can use it to buzz the next token for service
Token pressed buzzes

**Idea: simulate edoor**
Alert admin when someone is close to the door
Allow ability to open the door if the door is closed & admin allows open
Closes door “x” secs after door has been opened
Based on facial recognition , comparing to an existing repository of images. Activated when doorbell is rung of proximity based. Instead of camera module , an old smartphone can also be used and connected to board using Bluetooth 
**Idea: Auto control light & fan in a room** 
Turn on lights and fans depending on presence of people in the room

**IDEA  : A mosquito repellent that switches itself on and off based on certain times of the day, as well as air quality**
What ; it will switch itself on based on the time of day which will be programmed to that based on proved mosquito activity . Also switches off if air quality is below a minimum acceptable level so as not to harm other living beings 
Why : spreading dengue and other vector epidemics mean that we use a lot of these repellent which are toxic liquids and affect us after a point too 

**Idea : Automatic Irrigation system** , based on soil moisture content, temperature ,humidity etc which also updates using a message alert, and can be remotely turned on or off 

**Idea : a universal IR remote control** to integrate all the remotes including TV , set box, air conditioner etc. Can be controlled using Android phone 
**Idea: Smart security system**
What: Get notifications if the cupboards are locked securely or no. Get SMS alert if someone tries to open it. 


Team 2: Sree, Bhargavi, Reshma
Couple of our ideas:
1.Web Based control and Monitoring with Microcontroller:
Connecting to a microcontroller using a web browser to establish connectivity.
Based on HTTP
2. LED and DC Motor control with Capacitive Sensor
Materials used:
Aluminium foil
Patch cable
4 LEDs
LCD display 16 × 2
DC Motors
Integrated with L293d

3.Contactless Digital Tachometer
->To measure speed of electric motor by the number of revolutions made in one min.
->The sensor used here - A white LED and a phototransistor,
->MCU and actuator is a display device, displaying the speed of the divice.
->The sensor senses the speed of the motor without actually being in contact with it by the principle of white light transmission and reflection and generates a signal. This signal is converted into an electric signal and fed to the microcontroller, which is programmed to calculate the speed in terms of number of motor revolutions in one minute. This speed is displayed on the LCD.

4.Water Level Indicator with Alarm
Components Req:
BC548 transistors-Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4
Resistors R1,R2,R3,R4-2.2kohms
R5, R6 ,R7 – 100 ohm
Led – Red(LED3) , Green(LED1) , Yellow(LED2)
Metal Contacts – M1,M2,M3,M4.
->Indicate 3 levels of water stored in the tank: Low but not empty, half and full but not overflowing
->When there is no water in the tank, all the LEDs are off as an indication that the tank is completely empty.
->When water level increases and reaches M2, the contacts M1 and M2 get shorted as water acts as a conducting medium between M1 and M2.
->This will turn on the transistor Q1 and the Green LED starts to glow. As the water level continues to rise and reaches half the tank, M3 will come into contact with water and receives a small voltage from M1.
->As a result, Q2 is turned on and Yellow LED will glow. When the water in the tank rises to full tank, M4 is also shorted with M1 and both Q3 and Q4 will turn on.
->The Red LED glows and also an alarm is made by the buzzer as an indication that the tank is full and the water pump or motor can be turned off.

5.Light detector using LDR
When light falls on the LDR, LED stays off and when light stops falling on the LDR, the LED glows.
Can be done in two ways - using OP-AMP or just transistors

6.Smart Cane for visually Impaired
Componenets Req:
Ultrasonic Sensor
Battery and connector
DC male power jack
Jumper wires
Vibration motor
Toggle switch
->The cane can automatically detect the obstacle in front of the person and give them a feedback response by vibrating the walking stick and giving a warning sound.
->Using ultrasonic sensor for detecting obstacles
->There are mainly three blocks behind it: input, controller, and output.
->The input consists of an ultrasonic sensor that is capable of detecting obstacles in front of it at a range of up to 400cm.
->It is interfaced to a controller: which determines if an obstacle is too close to the cane and triggers the output if it is.
->The output consists of a vibration motor to provide haptic response and a buzzer.

7.Textable lights communication through led’s
Comp Req:
String lights - Christmas lights
Jumper Wires
Backend: Firease, Twilio, Zapier
Setting up a backend and stay connected to the network to be able to communicate through text messages which are displayed by glowing LED’s at the respective alphabe on the lights sign board.

8.Lie Detector
Comp Req:
LED - Red, Green, Generic
Resistor 2k
Velcro strips
->Our skin changes conductivity depending on many different things, called Electrodermal activity (EDA).
->Based on certain baseline questions and then mob=ving on to questions where a person can lie about are asked, whose responses can then be compared to the baseline for detection.
->We need to plot the activity response in terms of a graph for checking the response - like when you lie you are nervous and there might be a spike which differentiates.

9.Proximity Sensing Robot
Comp Req:
7seg LED display
Vibration motor
Jumper wires
This creature senses when you are nearby or when you pick it up and responds to that like blinking , glowing more etc.

10.Maze Solving Bot
Comp Req:
HC-06 Bluetooth Serial Pass-Through Module Wireless Serial Communication
TCRT5000 4CH Infrared Line Track Follower Sensor Module
SparkFun SparkFun RedBot Sensor - Line Follower
ZX03 (based on TCRT5000) Reflective Infrared Sensors (Analog output)
Android Device
Continuous rotation Servo
Battery n holder
Bot to try finding how to get out of a maze in the shortest and fastest way.

11.Obstacle avoiding bot
Comp Req:
Servo motor
Ultrasonic sensor
A self driving robot that can detect and automatically avoid obstacles that it hits or gets in its way.

12.Blowing an LED on/off
How to turn an LED on when you blow air into the sound sensor
MCU, Microphone Amplifier and resistors and cables req
13. Wearable for the visually impaired
Ultrasonic sensor
vibrating motor
red led
Female, Male header
Jumper wires
Detecting the nearby obstacles with the help of ultrasonic waves and notify with the help of vibration motor and buzzer.

14.Air quality monitoring device
Dust Sensor
Resistors, cables
If leds glow GREEN - Safe air quality
If leds glow RED - Danger
If leds glow BLUE - Need to take care

15.Step Motor based robot to carry small things
Draw route on a web based map, making the robot carry your things to the destination.
Need: Motor controller, Step motor car, ultrasonic sensor, MCU