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Hey people, i may be very much late to join in the discussion. Happy to know that almost all of the community related with free technology, including passing free commons and activists - were hanging around this communication problem. I literally felt myself as a monkey while switching from one communication platform to another. Because IM is where just i migrating is not enough. Heck there will be nobody to talk.

I just want to ask whether anybody here tried using movim ?? I have used it some 2 years back and at that time it ran into errors which i cant even understand related to prosody instance…

I am also happy to see people are migrating back towards IRC and XMPP based platforms. We also have to enrich federated approach too.

Migration to free platforms for communication

I did try movim recently, I still dont find it properly usable.
As an alternative you can explore, Matrix+Vector or Rocket.chat .


so, i think many of us have tried many platforms for communication and we are constantly doing that for atleast some time now seriously.

This problem of selecting the right one (similar to the GNU/Linux distribution choice) can only be solved with proper curation of list of platforms. In that view, i believe that the “Curate” community project which has been initiated (AFAIK people are already working on it) would provide both qualitative and quantitative analysis in critical perspectives, facilitating the users to stay away from the confusion.

I have brought movim to picture, bcos, it can be distributed, along with xmpp(prosody,bosch). Also people have to try using Retroshare atleast wherever it works…


Retroshare look good!
thoughts ??


If distribution is the the issue, we dont even need to host our own XMPP. We could happily use some of the existing XMPP servers and be happy. What we wanted was more than Decentralization with some real security in the mind.

I have personally not tried, Retroshare, but I have heard people say its good. But then with the whole peer to peer, I suppose we are bound to one specific client, and if tomorrow we find the client is not okie, it is a tuf time to move people out of it.

While I really belive P2P is the final way to go with the right encryption, considering the end users, who might not all be all geeky and nerdy like us, and not all would love constant change, as an organization I belive it is very important we need a self hosted and all our rules satisfied server client model.

While I also understand this equally poses enough threat, and prone to a lot of attacks, but hosting an XMPP or an IRC, are less painful and more tunable to our security needs.

FSMK, took a call for XMPP, FSFTN is debating between 2 tools called, Matrix + Vector and Rocket.chat (mostly they might settle for MAtrix + Vector.)

It then finally boils down to what are the final needs of a organization and what do we settle for.

But trust me, movim or retroshare are not the only tools, there are heck lot of tools available out there.

Can you also redirect me to this thing called “Curate” ?

PS : I might have gone a little off topic.

PPS : Told here are my personal views. These don’t represent the organizational view directly or indirectly


From an organization or community self reliance point of view… XMPP will be good and will be easy for community members to communicate as a single point system. Thats fine.

What i mentioned is from a general user perspective.

“Curate” is the label given by me temporarily. I know some of u guys are seriously contributing for the “List of everything” kind of project. But me not aware about its hostings and all.